Saturday, May 18, 2019

Exploring the Female Gaze

 During my journey with pottery I have come across a lot of ideas to explore and one that really stood out to me was the exploration of the female form within my ceramics. I believe it has always been important to explore the female form and create realistic representations through art. The female form is a beautiful concept to be inspired by and has led me to learn a lot more about the female body. I also have learned through creating these pieces to be more inclusive with my language and the illustrations I create. Remembering to include trans women and non binary folk within the conversation as well as showing love for natural parts of our bodies that society often outcasts. 

To start off with I looked at myself for inspiration. This was not only helpful for clear representation of one type of a woman's body but it also helped me to become more accepting of my body shape and my curiosity with how I feel about my own gender. I believe it is very important to be inclusive of all body types and so drawing my own fat body really helped to start this off. I explored curves, shapes, lumps, scars, wrinkles, sizing, hair, and the vulva within the drawings of myself and found this as inspiration for some of my pottery work.

Here are some samples of early exploration of the female form. I found painting block shapes really helped create a mid century style / retro modern look to the pots, which is something I really wanted to create. I added stylised black outlines over the top illustrating my take on the female form. Exploring inclusivity and inspired by my own experiences. I think its really important to open up an inclusive conversation about our bodies. Our boobs can be all shapes and sizes, we can have hair, wrinkles, fat, lumps and be worthy of all the good things.

I really hope to explore this topic more in depth with my ceramics and I am deeply passionate about exploring the female form with good representation with a female gaze. 

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