Saturday, May 18, 2019

Exploring the Female Gaze

 During my journey with pottery I have come across a lot of ideas to explore and one that really stood out to me was the exploration of the female form within my ceramics. I believe it has always been important to explore the female form and create realistic representations through art. The female form is a beautiful concept to be inspired by and has led me to learn a lot more about the female body. I also have learned through creating these pieces to be more inclusive with my language and the illustrations I create. Remembering to include trans women and non binary folk within the conversation as well as showing love for natural parts of our bodies that society often outcasts. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Setting Up My New Art Studio

A few months ago, before breaking my wrist and having to take a break...I moved into my new art studio. It took several weeks to put the furniture in a find a layout that suits me and I still have a bit more to do but it's getting there. At the moment I'm focusing on experimenting with techniques, colours and styles. I've been making pots, vases and mugs using techniques such as pinch pot, slab and coiling. Still haven't used the wheel but we will get there eventually.

With regards to the studio, luckily I got some help from my dad and the old camper-van to move the furniture over. I set up some shelving for the materials as well as to create a shelving system so I can remember which pot are bisque and need glazing as I had quite a lot going on at different processing times. Chucked some old desks in and a few plants and the place looks pretty cute. I move out of the studio at the end of April. So I thought I'd leave it as it is instead of building in more shelving. I have some exciting things coming up to share with you though as I carry on with my ceramics. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Welcome to Rebecca Wise Studio Blog!

Hi, I'm Rebecca from Rebecca Wise StudioI make handmade pottery exploring and celebrating feminism, the female form, nature and caring for ourselves and our home. All pottery is made by myself in my Thames side art studio where I use eco friendly, lead free and non-toxic  clay and glazes. All lovingly hand built and hand painted by myself with designs that have been inspired by nature, the body and mid century design.

I share on this blog my explorations and experiences with my design practice at my art studio. This may involve studio photos, sketchbook pages, art, ceramics, designs and prints I create. As well as posts about things I find for inspiration, photography, doodles and general things I'm interested in.

At little bit about me

I enjoy old analogue and instant film photography and have a vast collection of old film and polaroid cameras that I have got back into creating with recently. I am a plant lady and love having house plants, drinking chai lattes and listening to jazz, RnB and rock music. I am vegan, love my old blue Volkswagen camper van that is a family heirloom and I am very passionate about spreading positive awareness about mental health, self care and being body positive.

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