Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Setting Up My New Art Studio

A few months ago, before breaking my wrist and having to take a break...I moved into my new art studio. It took several weeks to put the furniture in a find a layout that suits me and I still have a bit more to do but it's getting there. At the moment I'm focusing on experimenting with techniques, colours and styles. I've been making pots, vases and mugs using techniques such as pinch pot, slab and coiling. Still haven't used the wheel but we will get there eventually.

With regards to the studio, luckily I got some help from my dad and the old camper-van to move the furniture over. I set up some shelving for the materials as well as to create a shelving system so I can remember which pot are bisque and need glazing as I had quite a lot going on at different processing times. Chucked some old desks in and a few plants and the place looks pretty cute. I move out of the studio at the end of April. So I thought I'd leave it as it is instead of building in more shelving. I have some exciting things coming up to share with you though as I carry on with my ceramics. 

It can get pretty messy in the studio with clay dust everywhere and I almost always leave the studio covered in some sort of clay and paint on my clothes even if I'm wearing my lovely apron. I'm pretty happy with the layout now and have become particularity adorned by the large monstera plants that sit happily in the communal space (photographed below). 

Other than that the studio is pretty much complete. I'm sure I will need some more storage soon but for now I have been covering the walls with inspiration, drawings and idea to help me further develop my work. It always helps me to draw/paint out ideas that I have in my head before putting the straight onto the surfaces of my ceramics and it gives me a clearer idea on what I want to achieve, I'm less likely to waste a good piece of ceramics as well.

My favourite part of the studio is the beautiful large windows that allow sun light in all day! Great for taking shadowy sunlight photography of my ceramics!

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